ERP System

Construction Needs

Full end to end process all in one system

Horizon Contracts ERP system is a comprehensive end to end solution for construction needs. Catering all the various aspect in construction from manpower assignment, materials allocation to a well thought system for administrative operations.


Understand the client’s business process is the first step to capture the key essentials for a successful ERP implementation. With our strong proof of concept system in place, we are able to map out a detailed roadmap to achieve the client’s needs with minimal disruptions.




End to End

The system comprises the essential processes for a construction company. This encompasses various implementation logic and careful planning to achieve a successful implementation.

Simplicity in Complications

ERP system consists of many stakeholders and moving parts. We simplify complexity in our designs to improve the efficacy of our development and bring across the ease of usage for all the system stakeholders.


Horizon Contracts System

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