Mobile Application

Coupon Redemption

Redemption with an unique twist!

Redeemfy is a coupon redemption application that features timer based sales that allows user to redeem coupons which can be used as a token of exchange between users. With different useful coupons to use in your favourite stores every time!


Being involved in the end to end process, we brought to life the idea which our client wants. Our carefully crafted design conceptualisation aims to achieve ease of usage for the various stakeholders. With development focusing on transactions quality and a smooth coupon redemption process.




Timer Based

Fastest fingers first to redeem your desired coupon! With an easy to use backend to schedule coupons, all achieved in just a few simple clicks.

An User First Mobile App

Development that matches our top grade UIUX aesthetics. All angles deeply thought through and developed to maximise user’s satisfaction.


Redeemfy Mobile Application

Hands of mature female consumer holding smartphone with discount coupon

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