Dormitory System

Track Dormitory Capacity

Know your dormitory status

TSGroup dormitory system tracks the in and outs of the people currently staying in the dormitory. An easy to use system for companies and provides a dashboard with key data all viewable in one glance.


Multiple stakeholders are involved in this project. The project requires understanding of API documentation and integration. We performed a hand holding approach to guide our client through and with our proof of concept system to ensure a common understanding. Development of the project requires an attention in details due to the involvement of logic.




Important Features

Our UIUX and requirements gathering creates a simplified process from complex variables exactly meeting the needs of the client. Key information and user friendly visuals positioned strategically for users.

Integration with External

This system is designed and developed to communicate with various systems. With essential API calls integration within the system to retrieve and transmit data.


TS Group Dormitory System

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